Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Central Ohio Day of .NET 2008 Synopsis

I rode down to the Central Day of Central Ohio Day of .NET 2008 with Rich Hamilton and Joe Kunk on Saturday.

I attended these session:

  1. A Linq to Everything (Leon Gersing)

  2. User Interface Design for Programmers (Chris Poteet)

  3. Happy Marriage of Agile and TFS (Alexei Govorine)

  4. Test Driven Development (Phil Japikse)

  5. Well, Isn't that Spatial... (Jason Follas)

I had heard of recording users running an application but have never done it before. Chris's presentation had some recorded user sessions. It was interesting to watch the sessions and listen to his commentary about the design changes viewing the user interaction caused.

After the conference Jeff Blankenburg held a poker tournament back in his hotel room. It was a lot of fun to hang out with like minded individuals in a casual atmosphere. This was my favorite part of the conference.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for attending David!