Monday, November 29, 2010

Installing .NET Nuke

I read DotNetNuke supports OpenID out of the box and I wanted to try it out.  This post covers the installation of DNN.  A future post will cover configuring OpenID.

  • Windows 7 64 bit
  • IIS 7.5
  • SQL Server 2008 R2

Downloaded DotNetNuke Community Edition version 5.05.01

Listened to the DotNetNuke Installation Webinar while doing the following:

Right click properties on the zip file. Uncheck Unblock.

Unzipped the community edition.

read .\Documentation\Readme.txt

Open SQL Server Management Studio connect to .\

Created a new database on my local machine named DotNetNukeTest.  Set initial size to 20 MB.

Expand the security node.  Right click Logins 
Click 'New Login...'
Select SQL Server Authentication

login Name: DotNetNuke
Uncheck Enforce password policy
select User Mapping map to DotNetNukeTest and set role membership to db_owner

Moved the folder to c:\www\

Opened Internet Information Services Manager

Expanded the Sites node.

Right click Sites, Add Site
  Site Name: DotNetNukeTest
  Change Application Pool back to DefaultAppPool
  Physical path: C:\www\DotNetNuke_Community_05.05.01_Install

  Port: 8081

right click C:\www\DotNetNuke_Community_05.05.01_Install -> Properties
select Security tab
click Edit
Click Add
Ensure From this location: is set to your computer name
Object name --> IIS AppPool\DefaultAppPool
Grant the DefaultAppPool user modify permissions

Browse to http://localhost:8081 in Chrome

Select Custom install (I always like doing this for new software)

Next through File Permissions Summary.

Select 'SQL Server 2005/2008 Database' instead of SQL Server 2005/2008 (Express File).
Server: "."
Database: "DotNetNukeTest"

Uncheck 'Integrated Security"
User ID: "DotNetNuke"

I fix my SQL Server authentication and then click Next

change the password, and email fields.  I leave SMTP alone.

on the Install Optional Modules I select all modules:
Announcements (04.00.03), Blog (04.00.00), Documents (04.01.00), Events (05.01.04), FAQs (04.04.00), Feedback (05.00.02), FormAndList (05.01.03), Forum (04.05.03), Help (03.00.02), HTML (Community (05.04.03), IFrame (04.04.00), Links (04.00.01), Map (01.00.09), Media (03.03.00), Messaging (01.01.00), NewsFeeds (04.00.01), Reports (05.01.00), Repository (03.01.15), Store (02.01.36), Survey (04.60.00), Taxonomy (01.01.00), Telerik (05.05.00), UsersOnline (05.01.00), Wiki (04.02.00), XML (04.03.05)
Next through Skins and Containers
Next through Language Packs
Next through Authentication Systems:
Next through Providers
For Portal Administrator set password, email address, and Portal Title.
Click 'Start building your new Site!'


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