Sunday, May 17, 2015

Summary How to Be More Productive by Success Publisher Darren Hardy

What are you focused on?
What are you focused on?
Who wants more productivity AND more time? Everyone is busy right? Why are some people (like Steve Jobs or Ellon Musk) more successful than others? We all get 7 days in a week and 24 hours right?

Jesse Flores forwarded me a great video explaining (full video below) why these superachievers beat overachievers. The video is 90 minutes. If you don't have 90 minutes to watch the video, I summarized the key points below (5 minute read).

Lets do it!

Main message - How to multiply your results

overachievers put in a lot of hours (maximum effort, minimum results (per unit of time))

super achievers are more productive for less time than over achievers

no is the master skill - yes creates no conflict. no does.

what are you willing to give up to become world class at a few things?

Focus on the fundamentals (everything has 1/2 dozen)

Formula for success
  1. fewer things
  2. more often
  3. get better at them

Learn less and study more

learn your hourly rate (annual income goal divided by 2,000)

work yourself out of a job - do everything at first then delegate non-core activities

too many choices (priorities) create paralysis

move from reacting to creating

don't multitask

do something everyday that scares you

6 success principles
  1. stop doing what fools do (don't do what you are bad at)
  2. master the few things that move the needle
  3. out focus your competitors
  4. out last your competitors through consistency
  5. measure, monitor, and keep an awareness on your progress
  6. outfail (if you aren't failing you aren't learning)

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